What is the role of a Community Manager?

What is the role of a Manager?

A Community Manager is a person or corporation who is appointed pursuant to the relevant body corporate legislation with the power to perform certain duties and functions of the body corporate and the committee as are entrusted to it in an agreement.

The primary responsibilities delegated to the community manager are the duties of the secretary and treasurer.

These include:-

  • Prepare and forward notices as required by the Act
  • Prepare notices of general meetings
  • Attend and prepare minutes for general meetings
  • Attend to matters resulting from general and committee meetings
  • Attend to all correspondence
  • Keep the books, records and roll
  • Levy owners and collect their contributions
  • Prepare statements of account and annual budgets
  • Pay accounts
  • Effect all insurances and submit claims
  • Recommend actions for committee and body corporate to ensure compliance with the Act.

The body corporate, however has the right to delegate only a proportion of these duties or to extend them – within the confines of requirements of the Act.

Even though an owners corporation manager has been appointed, this does not preclude the owners corporation or its committee from exercising any of the powers which have been delegated to the manager – in fact the powers of the owners corporation and manager run concurrently. A prudent owners corporation manager does not usurp or override the decisions of a committee.

A community manager is usually appointed at a general meeting but may be appointed by the committee. Delegations are required to be made at a general meeting of the owners corporation.

A community manager assists the committee in making decisions.

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